How Do You Win?

“At break neck speed he tore up the straight way…. and through the tape!! flash Williamson wins the 400M in record timing… ”
“Mrs. Carter we are pleased to inform you that you have won $100,000!!!! ”
“All I do is win win win no matter what, got money on my min i can’t eva get enough.. “- DJ Khaled ft Ludacris T-Pain etc…

Does this sound familiar? The concept of winning which has been traditionally tied to sports, music, games and the like of open competition that exist and are yet to be invented, is basically coming in first or beating the opponent. But what if i told you that you do not have to literally win by beating the opponent and that to win you don’t necessarily have to beat your opponent?
What we have been socialised to believe is this: coming first= winning and winning= coming first.
but the equation is actually coming first= your energy and winning= your energy
Ok ok so I’m no mathematician, but allow me to show you the logic of my argument. All energy expended comes from man. Therefore the effort behind any process must come from the individual. This is why the concept of winning is equivalent to the energy of man as based on the amount of input expended then the output will (or in most cases) match up. The more one puts in to a task the more he/she will get out of it. The more one focuses on winning, the more likely he will win by implicating the means to get there.
But you can also win by losing. Winning is absolutely relative to the psyche. A poor man can win one million dollars and based on his feeling or personal perspective on quality of life does not consider himself a dime richer than when he was dirt poor. Using the same example, take away all that mans wealth, say he ‘loses’ it, but gain a family that makes him happy. his happiness here becomes his wealth. He has won based on his standards.
My Point Is…
Do not let society dictate the standards by which you win, what you win or how you win. your standards are yours only and no one should have so much power over you that this is how they are able to control and pattern your life. SHAPE YOURSELF AND YOUR PATH BY DETERMINING YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. Do not use society as some sort of measuring stick.The man that has ‘lost’ a thousand times has not lost but only found a thousand ways not to do something. Sounds like a winning a wealth of knowledge to me. until the next Twiztyme… stay twiztastic…


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